Guidelines for Caring for Your Earrings

Guidelines for Caring for Your Earrings

Keep them safe: Keep your earrings safe against potential damage by storing them away from pets and those inquisitive little family members.

Earring Storage: Try have a good storage solution, such as a jewelry box, or a hanging storage system so you can give the optimum protection and know where to find them easily.

Cleaning your Earrings: Begin by gently wiping them with a soft, lint free cloth to remove any surface dirt and oils to keep them shiny and clean.

Exercise caution: Try not expose your earrings to water, especially during activities like swimming, to prevent potential damage.

Care when removing: Hold the earring securely and avoid excessive force. Gentle twists and movements should be enough. If you have earring posts and after time, may come off. Please don't hesitate to let me know and I can fix them for you.

Travel: When travelling, be mindful where you put your earrings, especially in the car, to avoid the risk of misplacement or loss.


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