Tracey Bartlett Art

Tracey Bartlett Art

What sparked my interest?

Passion is a powerful force that can drive individuals to achieve greatness. For me, it all began with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. It wasn't until my life was turned upside down that I realized I had to do something that would take my mind of my health condition, and the terrible anxiety it caused me. This is when I started to go to our local art center once a week and play around and learn about all the different techniques. This was a great sense of calm and would stop my worries and fears for the 2 hours I was there. 

When did it become a career?

As I grew older and progressed through life my passion for knowledge only intensified. I realized that I wanted to turn my curiosity into a career. Pursuing many art workshops along the Queensland coast and meeting so many talented people it seemed like the natural choice. The more I learned, the more I realized that there was so much left to discover. It was during my studies that I truly found my calling.

How did I nurture my passion?

Nurturing my passion required dedication and perseverance. I immersed myself in my art, constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow. Whether it was experimenting with inks, pastels, watercolors, oil, collage, and many other materials or attending more workshops, I was determined to expand my knowledge and expertise.

What challenges did I face?

Like any journey, there were challenges along the way. There were moments of self-doubt and times when I questioned whether I was on the right path. However, I quickly realized that these challenges were an essential part of the process. They pushed me to become better, to strive for excellence, and to never settle for mediocrity.

How did I turn my passion into impact?

As my knowledge and expertise grew, so did my desire to make a difference. I wanted to use my passion to contribute to the greater good. This was when I wanted to jump onto another level and start printing my artwork onto products that would benefit sharing my knowledge with others, I knew that I had the power to create positive change. This is where I am now in 2023, printing everything in my home studio on a lovely property near Calliope Queensland Australia. I am very inspired by the nature around me.

What advice do I have for others?

If there's one thing I've learned on this journey, it's that passion is the key to success. Find something that ignites a fire within you and pursue it relentlessly. Embrace challenges, seek out opportunities for growth, and never stop learning. Remember, passion is not something that can be taught or forced. It comes from within, and when you find it, it has the power to transform your life.

So, how did I become so passionate about what I do? It all started with that major health diagnosis and needing to find a way to cope with it and hopefully leave a mark in this world when I am no longer here. Through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to making a difference, I turned that passion into a career. And now, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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